Radio Free Skaro #280 – The Devil In The Dark


Radio Free Skaro #280 – Click here to listen!

The dark cloud from last week’s pirate adventure has lifted and The Three Who Rule are able to take solace in blathering over one of the best-received episodes of Doctor Who from this past series. The Doctor’s Wife gets the commentary treatment, and – short story even shorter – it’s just as well-loved this time around as when we first saw it half a year ago. Also, as we start to gear our brains toward conventions such as Chicago TARDIS and Gallifrey One, we sink our teeth into some details about the recently-announced official convention. Does it sound worthwhile?
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
Christmas Special Preview…On Children In Need!
Official…Doctor Who Convention!
The Sensorites…DVD Extras!
Invasion of the Dinosaurs…DVD Extras!
The Android Invasion…DVD Extras!
Shada DVD Documentary…Screening!
Talking…Plush Dalek!
The Ood Cast…Live!
Edward Russell’s Walk for Lis…Just Giving Page!


The Doctor’s…Wife!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #280 – The Devil In The Dark

  1. People are saying the convention is too expensive, and complaining that children aren’t welcome, but I’m worried about something else.

    I truly hope this isn’t a sign that the BBC is going to crack down on, or try to intimidate fan run conventions.
    There are official BBC T-shirts, lunch boxes, toys etc. All jealously protected by BBC lawyers, who slap down any unofficial competition. Now that there’s an official convention, are we expecting different behavior?
    I would argue that there is no such thing as an “official” convention.
    A convention is where fans convene. That’s not something you can copyright or own.
    Wherever fans gather, it’s a convention, and there’s nothing unofficial about it.
    Fandom isn’t regulated by an official body, it belongs to anyone who cares to take part in it.

  2. Hi guys, just on the cost of the convention. In this case I don’t see 99pounds as a huge cost given you do get the current lead actor and the show-runner/head-writer. I see other offical conventions (Stargate, sadly, comes to mind) listing similar prices. I think aiming it at adults is a bit strange, but I guess it gives parents an out right away from paying all that money. If I wasn’t living in Australia I’d be going to Cardiff in March no matter the cost!

    BTW: I like The Doctor’s Wife. There are some lovely moments, however I didn’t feel the ending was in anyway believable. I normally cry at the drop of a hat but here I felt more manipulated by Neil than I have ever felt by Moffat… Sadly, I don’t know a lot about Neil Gaiman and I really want to know less about him now, thanks to his fans. This was not the Bestest Episode Ever…. *cough* IMHO.

  3. The Rebel Flesh/Almost People makes sense (more or less) when you look at it as the Doctor investigating exactly who or what ganger Amy was, but the Doctor’s actions at the end still seem to go against everything that went before.

    As to Rory, I was even more confused than him over which version of Jennifer he was with.

    And if those acid-protection suits were so expensive, why didn’t they use the Flesh-process to copy them? It seemed to do a good job of copying clothes as well as people 😉

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