Radio Free Skaro #276 – The Gathering


Radio Free Skaro #276 – Click here to listen!

As the Doctor Who dead time continues, The Three Who Rule brought together some of our esteemed podcasting colleagues to talk about the series that were for Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day. We welcome the Sigmas from The Ood Cast, Luke from TMDWP and Kyle from and hash over what did and didn’t work for us and, of course, tackle the week’s news – or lack thereof – and talk about the penultimate installment of The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Curse of Clyde Langer. Join us, won’t you?
Show Notes:

The Curse…Of Clyde Langer!
The Wedding Of River Song…Final BBC Ratings!
Fictitious…TV Choice Awards!
Fictitious…Scream Awards!
Enemies of the Third Doctor…Action Figure Set!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
The Ood Cast…Live!
Edward Russell’s Walk for Lis…Just Giving Page!


Kyle Anderson!
Luke Harrison!
Chris & Laura Sigma!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #276 – The Gathering

  1. Dear RFS Points of View:

    I’ve been left both confused and upset after listening to this latest episode of Radio Free Skaro.

    Can it really be that the Pedantor himself made the fundamental mistake of believing that in Torchwood cancer will never stop? Its clearly stated that the reversal [insert RTD styled ‘makenotsense’ here] of life and death caused cancers to die.

    I have been left unsure of reality and in fact my standing in the universe, but most of all over the Pedantor’s dominance in pedanting.

    – Pedanted Listener

  2. Was cancer singled out as no longer being a threat under the conditions created for Miracle Day? Certainly STDs were still about, explosions didn’t end life, etc. Why would cancer be singled out? I don’t recall that it was but if indeed it was then clearly RTD is at fault as lead writer, thus making all right with the world.

  3. Pretty sure – wasn’t that the excuse new CIA boss gave for keeping up smoking?

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