SPACE Podcast – September 16, 2011


SPACE Podcast – September 16, 2011. Click here to listen!
The Girl Who Waited was heralded widely as one of the best episodes of NuWho, and on this week’s InnerSPACE podcast the Three Who Rule offer their capsule review of the episode. Mark and Teddy talk TIFF, awards and the new season of InnerSPACE as well!

For the uninitiated, the SPACE Podcast is the official podcast from SPACE Channel, the Canadian home of Doctor Who. Hosted by Mark Askwith, this weekly podcast features chatter about various news and events in the sci-fi world, as well as banter about the various shows that air on SPACE including Doctor Who.

Listen to the episode in the media player above, or check out the podcast on the official SPACE website here.


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