Doctor Who Series 6 Box Set North American Release


Warner has announced release information for the remaining Doctor Who Series 6 home video sets.

While the first part of Series 6 was released on home video this summer, Part Two, including Let’s Kill Hitler through The Wedding of River Song, will see its home video release on November 8 on both Blu-Ray and DVD. The only extras on the disc are a pair of Monster Files featurettes. MSRP will be $24.98 (DVD) and $29.98 (BD).

However, on November 22, a scant two weeks later, and just in time for Doctor Who’s 48th birthday, people will be able to buy the complete, 6-disc, Series 6 set which includes A Christmas Carol as well as other currently unannounced extras (no doubt including the usual fare such as Confidential Cutdown). MSRP for the complete set will be $79.98 (DVD) and $89.98 (BD).

UPDATE: TV Shows On DVD is now reporting the following extras are confirmed to be on the Series 6 box set:

– Meanwhile in the TARDIS – Seven newly filmed scenes, exclusive to DVD and Blu-ray, telling what happens between the episodes
– Doctor Who Confidential – An inside look at each episode
– Monster Files – Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctor’s most challenging opponents
– Audio Commentary
– Trailers and Trails
– More!

Several other extras, such as in-vision commentaries and the web-exclusive prequels, are rumoured to be on the set, as well, but their presence is unconfirmed at this time. Read the full post!

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2 Comments on “Doctor Who Series 6 Box Set North American Release

  1. So I can pay 65 bucks for the whole season (including the Christmas special) or 80 bucks for the whole season? Decisions, decisions…

    • Hard to say. If nothing else the complete set will have extras the other split release doesn’t (Confidential Cutdown, perhaps commentaries) and in past – I’m not sure if Series 6 is different or not as I’ve not looked at the split release – the vanilla/split releases had 2-channel audio whereas the complete set had 5.1. Still, it’s more choice for the consumer to do what they feel is best.

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