Radio Free Skaro #270 – Dolls Polyphony


Radio Free Skaro #270 – Click here to listen!

Fear Her, one of the less appreciated stories in the Doctor Who oeuvre, isn’t a story that the Three Who Rule reasoned (or hoped) would ever be brought up again in Doctor Who, but all three of your intrepid hosts got a distinct Chloe Webber/scribble monster/suburban England vibe from Mark Gatiss’s Night Terrors. That isn’t to say that they didn’t enjoy it, though. Also up for discussion was Episode 9 of Torchwood: Miracle Day, The Gathering, as that series hurdles, or stumbles, to its conclusion next week. All this and the usual dash and sprinkle of news, including the talk of the upcoming UNIT Box Set and some bona fide monumental viewing figures for SPACE in Canada.
Show Notes:

Let’s Kill Hitler…Wins Canada!
Let’s Kill Hitler…iPlayer Success!
Series 6.2…Casting News!
The Girl Who Waited…At 7:15!
The God Complex…Synopsis!
Night Terrors…BBC Overnights!
Let’s Kill Hitler…Final BBC Ratings!
Let’s Kill Hitler…Appreciated!
End of the Road…BBC Overnights!
Immortal Sins…Appreciated!
The Middle Men…Final BBC Ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Series 5 BFI Screening!
UNIT…Box Set!
Invasion of the Dinosaurs & Android Invasion…On North American DVD!
Invasion of the Dinosaurs…Episode 1 Colour Status!
Target Reprints…Coming To North America!
Edward Russell’s Walk for Lis…Just Giving Page!

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11 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #270 – Dolls Polyphony

  1. It slipped our minds and we’ll see how he does. Let’s hope his second episode isn’t as dire as Andrew Gunn’s second.

  2. yeah I figured you guys were aware. I just thought all the groaning about how bad “Death is the Only Answer” is going to be was humorous, given that if you really rate Webb that badly as a director we have much bigger things to worry about.

  3. You don’t know who Rolf Harris is!? Come on! Sort yourselves out, Canada.

    Also, I enjoy your podcasts. Bye.

    • If we didn’t know who he was, how could we have said one of (if not) his biggest songs? Also, he’s not Canadian. Also, it’s a Doctor Who podcast.


  4. The Doctor responding to a child in their bedroom asking for help reminded me of The Eleventh Hour.

  5. This whole perception filter business is really beginning to wear thin (for me at least). I also agree with James, the Doctor going to a distressed child seems very similar to Amy’s story, only Amy was the one who couldn’t remember certain facts. Since Mr. Moffat has said that there will be less of an arc-based feel in future series, does this mean that we will really have everything given to us with a pretty bow in the next 4 episodes?

  6. Did anyone catch one of the Doctor’s last lines this episode, it went along these lines:
    “Yep, we’re all here… in the flesh.”
    I know that Night Terrors was penned in for being in the first half of the season, so I was wondering if this was intended as a hint for our revelation about Amy near the end of 6.1? But then, would the Doctor have any knowledge of Amy’s situation at this point?

  7. @Matt I caught the in the flesh comment and my initial conclusion was that it was left over from when this was meant to be episode three, but I’ve been second guessing that now. That would be a production error, or rather a post-production error, but considering the fact that they went to the trouble to do pick up on the Black Spot ship to make it fit I’m having trouble believing they wouldn’t bother reshooting a bit on the far more accessible Tardis set to fit Night Terrors into it’s new spot.

    Which begs the question, is the reference to flesh meant to be here? Perhaps the Doctor has switched with the flesh Doctor sometime when we weren’t looking and this is foreshadowing that’s disguising itself as a lowly continuity error.

    Or maybe I’m just a nerd that’s speculating far too much.

  8. Paisley, your speculation was the fear that prompted me to post in the first place; I simply HOPE that it was a post-production error. If not, we could be looking at a very weak season finale (from my point of view, anyway) but we’ll just have to wait and see!

  9. Matt, even if we do have the return of the ganger Doctor I don’t think Moffat created him just so he’d have a spare Doctor to kill. That would be way too convenient.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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