Radio Free Skaro #266 – Absence of the Cybermen


Radio Free Skaro #266 – Click here to listen!

Can summer be winding down already? It seems so, and along with Torchwood: Miracle Day hitting the halfway mark in its run with another bang up episode (according to the Three Who Rule, who seem to be one of the few Who podcasts out there who are actually enjoying the series), the Summer Classic Commentary Series begins to wind down, as well. This week, Radio Free Skaro’s take on Episodes 1-4 of the 1968-69 epic The Invasion, which may or may not feature the Cybermen. Oh, and the return of new Doctor Who is now less than three weeks away…
Show Notes:

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Torchwood: Miracle Day…Episode 5!
Escape to LA…BBC Overnights!
Dead of Night…Appreciated!
Rendition…Final BBC Ratings!
More Gallifrey One Guests…Announced!
New Trailer for…Series 6!
Three new Doctor Who specials from…BBC America!
New BBC Doctor Who Books…Coming Soon!

The…Invasion (Episodes 1-4)!

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #266 – Absence of the Cybermen

  1. Dear Radio Free Skaro (now with lots of Seagulls!)

    Well, after calling Chris a [very bad] name some time ago for his ceasless bashing of RTD as a writer (he seems to be better now and not as gleeful in his bashing), I am now in a position where I am feeling sad for him. To hear him being teased weekly for stats and for making notes and bringing them to the podcast almost is worse every week.

    I have never heard a show where two of the three hosts actively hate a segment and bitterly complain when they are read. I know it is the fun of the show, but by this point either drop them to the show notes or let it go.

    I like that Chris makes notes and as a geek myself I don’t think he should be continually teased about it. Once or twice for sure! But every week???

    Those are my two thoughts.Otherwise again I thank you for all your hard work. You really do a very professional podcast and I am glad to have you in my iPod. 🙂


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