Radio Free Skaro #258 – A Demonstration of Tachyonics


Radio Free Skaro #258 – Click here to listen

With the end of Series 6.1 comes a time for reflection… and what better way to genuflect than with two of the members of Tachyon TV, Neil Perryman and John Williams? Fresh off “A Good Man Goes to War,” the houses of Tachyon and Skaro offered their (somewhat surprisingly) sunny and pleasant feelings towards the last batch of Who stories we’ll see until the fall, as well as digressing about Neil’s ongoing Adventures With the Wife in Space blog (read by none other than Doctor Who production team head Steven Moffat, amongst others) and other matters of import. A small note; the Tachyon TV segment was recorded before fan controversy erupted for the umpteenth time over next year’s schedule of shows, so that issue was (thankfully) never raised amongst the good feelings and bonhomie.
Show Notes:

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The Crash…Of The Elysium!
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Bernard Cribbins…OBE!
Roy Skelton…Died.

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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #258 – A Demonstration of Tachyonics

  1. For your “inforMAtion”…

    Terry Pratchett is on medication that controls the onset of Alzheimer’s. He still continues to write (via dictation or speech recognition software), so he’s not quite out the door. He’s a proponent for assisted suicide, choosing that over letting his body and mind deteriorate.

    As for writing for Who, according to the column he did in SFX, he finds it entertaining but thinks most of the storylines are ludicrous and that the Doctor resembles a god. Given the possible new direction the series is going, that grumble may be concerned.

    You should try his books. They’re quite funny and engaging.

  2. Punchdrunk are one of the most remarkable theatre companies at work anywhere in the world today.

    They don’t perform in theatres. A Punchdrunk show will take place in a vacant office building or a disused warehouse – any large empty space, which the company then fills with a huge, elaborate, 360-degree stage set, that goes on endlessly for room after room after room.

    The audience enters in small groups of maybe ten at a time, moves through the environment and interacts one-on-one with the actors, becoming a part of the show. In some ways the experience is like taking part in a real life video game.

    Punchdrunk recently produced a show in New York, “Sleep No More”. This New York Times review gives a sense of the sort of work they do:

    I saw “It Felt Like A Kiss”, the show they created for 2009’s Manchester Festival. The show was about the cold war, and took place in an empty office building in the centre of Manchester. Over the course of three hours, I explored half a dozen floors of amazing environments, travelling through 50s suburban homes, US government offices, CIA torture chambers. I was experimented upon by white coated scientists, and chased down a corridor in the dark by a maniac wielding a chainshaw, ending up in a post-apocalyptic world of junk and broken furniture. It was genuinely the most astonishing thing I’ve ever seen or taken part in.

    The prospect of a Punchdrunk Doctor Who show… it’s so exciting I can barely contain myself! And while I’ve bought a ticket for our 12 year old, frustratingly I won’t be able to see it myself, as she’s too old to bring a parent with her…

  3. I like your ideas about the season but I have an issue with the complaints about the ending to The Rebel Flesh.

    You guys keep saying that his disintegrating of the flesh Amy was out of character for what he was doing the entire episode. I think the main difference is that that flesh Amy is still attached to the real Amy. I know that the flesh has memories but I just feel like if he wants to get to Amy he needs to destroy the link which unfortunately means destroying the flesh.

    But seriously you guys are awesome. Love the insights.

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