Radio Free Skaro #255 – Lots Of Planets Have A North


Radio Free Skaro #255 – Click here to listen

Fear Her is a story not well beloved by most Who fans (one RFS host being the notable exception), but Life on Mars is near universally praised. Since both were written by Matthew Graham, the writer of this week’s “The Rebel Flesh,” the Three Who Rule didn’t know what to expect as they sat down to view this latest adventure of the Doctor and his companions. What did the Three Who Rule think of Graham’s apology for Fear Her? You’ll just have to listen to find out!
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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #255 – Lots Of Planets Have A North

  1. First thing i thought on seeing the trailer for this ep:
    I hope they god the Rene… whatshisname guy from DS9 for a quick cameo.

  2. I’m only half-way through the podcast but i was amazed no one mentioned the Sontarans. There are so many elements in this episode that seem to be based on the sontarans. The acid suits look like the Sontaran battle suits from series 4. We have cloning and the use of mysterious pool of liquid stuff to create body doubles.

  3. I had more of a Metroid feel from the acid suits.

    And I guess I’ve got a mea culpa to deal with as Buzzer was Buzzer, not a ganger, in the cold open. I guess I mixed up human vs ganger more than I thought.

  4. Chris – I thought so too, but i just watched the opening again and the new Buzzer says something like “This body costs money love” and is gesturing to himself. ‘This’ instead of ‘that’.

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