Doctor Who Series 6 Delayed In North America


It has been learned that due to the American Memorial Day holiday, BBC America will be delaying the broadcast of Doctor Who. Series 6 will get a gap between episode 5, The Rebel Flesh, and episode 6, The Almost People because of the long weekend. The Rebel Flesh will go out as expected this weekend, May 21, but The Almost People will not be seen until June 4.

As partial compensation for the delay, BBC America will be showing a Doctor Who marathon on May 28 featuring the entire run of Series 5 and all of Series 6 to that point, including an encore presentation of The Rebel Flesh, but skipping over A Christmas Carol.

Unfortunately, SPACE has to follow BBC America’s lead and will also be preempting The Almost People on May 28, though instead of showing any Doctor Who at the usual 8:00 PM EDT time slot, SPACE is showing the Will Smith movie I, Robot.

This development is disappointing, especially since both BBC America and SPACE fought so hard to get day and date transmissions of Doctor Who with the UK. Nothing is yet known how or if this may impact the latter half of the series to be broadcast this fall.


12 Comments on “Doctor Who Series 6 Delayed In North America

  1. How moronically stupid. Why WOULDN’T they run it on a holiday weekend anyways. In the UK it get’s HIGHER ratings on holidays.

    Not a problem … I’ll just download it from the UK instead … and not have to deal with the annoying commercials.

  2. This is really short-sighted. I doubt that fans in the US will wait.

  3. I think it will be interesting to compare ratings for episodes 6 & 7 which have a week’s delay to episodes 1–5 which aired day and date.

  4. What is the BBC worried about? Do they we Americans will miss the May 28th episode because it’s a holiday? We do have DVRs and most of our cable systems have On Demand services that allow us to pull up BBC America shows anytime we like. What’s the big deal?

  5. I’m more worried about Episode 7 being a week behind!

    Will this be the episode we find out who River Song is?

    If so, the week delay means after years of waiting, I will finally find out who River song is….by a Twitter update!

  6. So does this mean the download release will be delayed, too? I’ve been waiting for “The Rebel Flesh” to come out of iTunes so I can watch it (no TV service here), and it’s late by over two hours now. They’re usually available by 5 am ET in the US; it’s now after 7 ET. I have the horrible feeling they’re planning to hold off releasing it until “The Almost People” comes out . . . which means weeks of staying off Twitter and Facebook and any fan pages whatsoever.

    What a boneheaded move by BBC America!

    • The episode has never been available on iTunes in advance of airing on BBC America, I can’t see any reason to expect differently for The Almost People. So much like pre-Series 6 you’ll have to be careful out there to avoid spoilers while waiting for the episode to air/be available on iTunes.

  7. ITunes was also delayed, and it is a paid for medium instead a subscription medium. Well I guess we could fight back by delaying the release of American shows in the UK.

  8. I subscribe to my current satellite package for two reasons: XPlay on G4 and Dr Who on BBCA. If they’re going to do this I’m going to drop my plan back two levels and save $15 a month. Playing an extra $15 for one channel isn’t worth it, since BBCA has decided to make itself irrelevant.

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