Radio Free Skaro #254 – Trouble and Strife


Radio Free Skaro #254 – Click here to listen

In one of most keenly anticipated Doctor Who episodes in some time, legendary fantasy writer Neil Gaiman finally got the keys to the TARDIS and presented us with a gloriously affectionate love letter to Doctor Who, the series that he has adored since before time itself. The Doctor’s Wife was one of the more unique stories ever presented, yet its heart (or hearts) was in the right place. What did The Three Who Rule think, you may well ask? Listen in to find out…
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9 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #254 – Trouble and Strife

  1. the ‘pull to open’ -is- actually referring to the big doors. When police boxes were used, if someone was inside, pushing the doors in could injure them, so ‘pull to open’ was placed on the outside.


    great commentary as always 🙂

    • @Jack – Sorry, the phone is for public use, they’re the ones that have to pull to open to get at the phone, they don’t have access to the main box itself. I refuse to believe PULL TO OPEN instructs for the main doors. The police who would have access to the box wouldn’t need telling what to do. Besides, in what direction were the doors opened in Logopolis to reveal the contents of the main box? 🙂

      One may be best to open the doors by pulling but that’s not what the sign is for.

  2. RE: the whole spoiler discussion… You guys have what happened wrong. I totally agree that if you choose to read spoilers then that’s your choice and there’s nothing wrong with that. But somebody went on the DS forums and posted this information in many different threads with misleading thread titles with the intention of spoiling as many people as possible. That’s how SM heard about it.

  3. LOVE your podcast guys. I’m a relatively new Who fan who’s doing all he can to learn about the show’s past and present. Thanks for doing a great job.

    One concern though…I hope you guys are getting along. There seems to be some genuine animosity between Warren and Chris…but of course, I’m not in the room with you guys, and don’t know the dynamics of your relationship. But I’d hate to see a “break up” leading to the end of your podcast.

  4. Congrats on another great episode of RFS.

    In response to Warren saying that Idris says she has been with the Doctor for 700 years; she actually says he has been walking past the sign for 700 or so years as prior to that she had changed her appearance each time she landed.

  5. I thought the “robot king” was in reference to “The King’s Demons” – strange how many of these “classic” references can be interpreted differently.

  6. Neil Gaiman addressed the pulling controversy in a Q&A with the Guardian and said on the matter:

    “Yes, Pull to Open obviously refers to the hatch. But it is an instruction, and it is on her door, and Police Box doors did open out. (Opening in makes much more sense for a spaceship though.)”

    Regardless, it is funny, is in line with the characterization of the Doctor and the TARDIS and is, on balance, worth the minor technical mistake.

    It was a great episode. Really. But I’m a bit surprised at the reaction it seems to have gotten among many fans. I’ve seen it celebrated as the best episode of Doctor Who ever by many across the Interwebs and that just seems like so much hyperbole to me.

  7. What struck me about this episode, after the wonderful interplay between the Doctor and Idris was that it seemed to cheap out. I imagine that Gaiman originally planned for Amy and Rory to be walking thru Tardis rooms and seeing each other age in a way that was reminiscent of the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey. But it got cheapened down to some wonky corridors, some makeup, and a corpse. I find it hard to believe they couldn’t find an indoor swimming pool to shoot in or invest in a stateroom for the Ponds that could have been useful in the future.

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