Radio Free Skaro #252 – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Radio Free Skaro #252 – Click here to listen

The opening two-parter of Series 6 has now concluded, but what did The Three Who Rule think of Day of the Moon? Did it hold up after the corker we had in the shape of episode 1? Did it answer the questions we had? Did it ask more questions? Most importantly, what were the viewing figures like, and at what point would they drive Warren to commit unspeakable acts? One thing is for sure – this series of Doctor Who is shaping up to be like no other that came before it.
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12 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #252 – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

  1. My impression was the reason the team was on the run at the beginning was because of the Silence’s post-hypnotic influence over the American government. Canton was still on their side, but the other agents and everyone else at area 51 was purposely left out of it

  2. Also, guys, we can’t trust anything that happened with Amy in that little girl’s room. There were time lapses, both overt and subtle (notice what happens to the number of tally marks on her face and hands) and there’s a strong hint from the eyepatch woman that it’s some sort of dream. Questions like how the girl got out of the spacesuit can’t but answered yet, but they seem to be important enough that we will find out what happened later.

  3. Jeez Chris, cant you just enjoy the show without picking every single piece apart. If they were to make it JUST for you to enjoy, then they’d only have a viewing of ONE. Or less, as you dont watch it on the BBC!
    Appreciate the fact that it’s one of the most watched shows in the UK FOR A REASON! Live and let live, please! Your pedantism these last weeks has kicked up a few gears and it’s in so much over drive that it’s become tedious to listen to you speak!

    • I’ll concede I harped on more than was needed but there are flaws in the Persian rug as Steven likes to say. I and any other reviewer should be ashamed if all aspects aren’t considered, including the negative ones.

  4. Regarding ratings, I don’t know if you know this but, thanks to a quirk of the calendar, both weekends for this two-parter have been four-day public holidays in the UK. Meaning that you only had to take the middle Tues, Weds and Thurs off work to end up with 12 consecutive days holiday. So there are going to be a lot of people away from home over that time.

  5. Chris, River explained why she went back into the Stormcage, she was fulfilling an obligation to… someone, I assume its too the person she killed or their family or the Doctor. (You need to watch the scene again.) The Doctor offers to take her somewhere else at the beginning of the scene and she refuses.

    • I kind of like the explanation of that’s essentially just her address, and of course that theory and what you said about the obligation don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

  6. Chris, regarding the memory thing–it’s already been explained before that Time Travelers experience memory in different ways. They can remember things that happened that nobody else does (see every single episode when the Doctor resets some event in time).

    How could they all be even investigating the Silents when if they turn away they forget about them? By the time we get to them in the TARDIS and the Doctor uses Amy’s phone to show a hologram it’s explained that they do remember that the Silents exist, but not what they look like.

    • Perhaps an answer is there’s been enough unseen reinforcement (thinking along the line of Amy in the orphanage going from clean to marked up without us seeing the intervening events) that would allow the crew to learn and remember the Silence name.

      All I want out of the plot is an explanation of that point, though it may yet be forthcoming. 🙂

  7. Love the podcast 🙂

    I have a theory, possibly flawed, about why River and Dr. Renfrew don’t forget the Silence right away.
    Could be that the Silence have to get into your mind to edit your memory. If that is so, maybe it took the injured Silent a little longer to access Dr. Renfrew’s mind. As for River, she had apparently killed all the ones she saw, so they could not edit her memory.

  8. Until we hear otherwise, i will continue to believe that Amy is carrying Schrödinger’s fetus.

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