Radio Free Skaro #251 – Have You Met Miss Smith?


Radio Free Skaro #251 – Click here to listen

It was a week of wildly mixed emotions in the world of Doctor Who. Anticipation for the (staggeringly good) Series 6 premiere, The Impossible Astronaut, was stopped dead in its tracks by the tragic passing of Elisabeth Sladen – Sarah Jane Smith herself and companion extraordinaire to us all. The Three Who Rule heap praise on both The Impossible Astronaut and Sladen during this episode; hopefully we do justice in celebrating their many respective merits.
Show Notes:

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Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011):

BBC Doctor Who Report
My Sarah Jane: A Tribute To Elisabeth Sladen
Tributes From David Tennant, Matt Smith, Russell T Davies And Others
Tom Baker’s Tribute
Tributes From Kids And Fans Of The Sarah Jane Adventures
Elisabeth Sladen – In Pictures
Just Giving Donation Page

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7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #251 – Have You Met Miss Smith?

  1. Have to agree about the “Life and Death of Amy Pond” cue at the end being the one part that didn’t quite work. Maybe it’s just on me for obsessively listening to the soundtrack so many times, but it did feel out of place. Then again I felt the same way originally about musical cues from The Eleventh Hour being reused for the beach scenes in Flesh and Stone and now I barely even notice it. We’ll see.

  2. If there is one thing to take away from this podcast besides the moving tribute to Elisabeth Sladen, I want to see a new shirt option in the store. I want to be able to buy a shirt with Warrens line on it. “Just shut up and watch the show.”

  3. Hello gentlemen. I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for the last year or so, thank you. You mention the Bad Wolf and Torchwood “memes” this time, but haven’t discussed the recurring zeros running last series and apparently continuing into this. Is mentioning a current meme considered a breach of etiquette of a “spoilers” nature (in which case, I’m sorry, and you’ll just have to delete this!)? I don’t do forums or Twitter, so I like to think that you’d point out things that I might otherwise miss, as you so kindly did with the jacket off / on thing in “Flesh and Stone” last year. (At least I think I got that from you.)

    • Hi Catherine,

      I mentioned those memes as examples, not all-inclusive examples though. I didn’t mention the Saxon thread or the Something On Your Back one, for instance. Nothing spoilery behind not going further.

  4. I was going for an all podcast blackout this week. I was certain that they’d all be awkward, trying to handle the excitement of new Who and the sadness of Elisabeth Sladen’s passing.
    But then the episode aired, and I realized that I should at least listen to this one (the only podcast I listen to every week), just try and do it.
    I’ve got to say, you proved me wrong. You balanced out Elisabeth Sladen and The Impossible Astronaut excellently, and your dedication was wonderful.
    Well done, guys. And thanks. I think now I can finally get over the utter heartbreak that was the passing of Elisabeth Sladen.

  5. Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe it’s because I generally have no idea what the different music cues are called or where they were first used. The music at the end works absolutely fine in my opinion. There’s a sort of sad inevitability to it that fits the scene.

  6. Thanks very much for this one, guys – as I’m sure you were yourselves, I was worried about how you’d manage to balance enthusiasm for the (terrific) new episode with the inevitable sadness of talking about Lis Sladen’s untimely death. I needn’t have worried – you did an excellent job on both fronts, probably the best podcast you’ve done in a long while (which is no reflection on the fine quality of your other recent episodes).

    Now it’s time to move on, I think – I’m going to put away my copies of ‘Hand Of Fear’ and ‘School Reunion’ for a while, and focus on looking forward to the rest of this season. Hopefully it can live up to the promise of the opening episode…

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