Doctor Who Podcast Alliance – Valiant 2 Convention


Valiant 2 Convention – Click here to listen

Hey! It’s another podcast from the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance! In this episode, Martyn from the Bad Wilf Podcast and David Monteith of the Geek Syndicate Podcast venture down to the Valiant 2 Convention in Sheffield, UK (which took place on March 5). There, they interviewed several notable people such as writers Joe Lidster (Sarah Jane Adventures) and Simon Guerrier (Short Trips, Big Finish), Clifford Rose and David Weston (who both appeared in the 1981 serial Warriors’ Gate), Roy Spencer (from The Ark and Fury From The Deep), and the wonderful Sophie Aldred, who of course played Ace from 1987-89. Have a listen!

Check out the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site to find a glorious smattering of Doctor Who podcasts (including Radio Free Skaro) that will no doubt educate and entertain you.


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