Doctor Who Series 6 Premieres April 23 on SPACE

<![CDATA[SPACE, Canada’s home of Doctor Who, today announced they will be bringing Series 6 to Canadian screens day and date with the BBC and BBC America. Beginning at 8:00 PM EDT on Saturday, April 23, fans in the Great White North can learn the secrets of The Impossible Astronaut in part one of the series-opening two-parter – yes, an hour ahead of BBC America!

Being able to launch the series across parts of the world on the same day is indeed a wonderful thing, and we couldn’t be happier that SPACE is able to bring the new Doctor Who series to Canadians with minimal delay. Kudos to the team for giving Canadian Doctor Who fans what they wanted the most!

Check out SPACE’s announcement about it here!

2 Comments on “Doctor Who Series 6 Premieres April 23 on SPACE

  1. Oh, I’m sure you all think your better than us in the US now? Just because you get Who an hour earlier.

    And you have universal health care.

    And a diverse, multicultural citizenry.

    And government accountability.

    And Hockey.

    And Elisha Cuthbert.

    Um… USA! USA! USA!

  2. LOL, Brian. You know it! 😉

    Anyway, can’t wait for Series 6! I began watching Doctor Who not too long ago and already love it.

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