July 2011 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases


July 5 (as reported by BBC America; July 12 seems the more likely date as announced by Warner) will feature the last as-yet-unreleased-on-DVD Peter Davison story, The Awakening, hitting store shelves. Bonus features include a commentary, a behind-the-scenes documentary, a “Now and Then” piece, and the rest of the usual fare (PDF Radio Times listings and so on) as well as deleted scenes featuring Kamelion who was initially meant to appear in the story.

UPDATE: The William Hartnell serial The Gunfighters has now been added as the second July DVD release from 2 Entertain, streeting on the same date. A few bonus items are included such as a commentary and “Tomorrow’s Times” piece, but the main documentary on this disc is “The End of the Line”, which promises to be a very interesting piece on the John Wiles era. More news on that later…

SRP for The Awakening will be $14.98, and $24.98 for The Gunfighters, and in the mean time check out more details at TVShowsOnDVD.com (The Gunfighters, The Awakening) or click on the cover art for larger a version.


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