Radio Free Skaro #244 – Beth Willis’ Boots

Radio Free Skaro #244 – Click here to listen

A week later than intended, the Three Who Rule dive into a commentary this episode with a re-watch of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special “A Christmas Carol”. Does it still hold up? Is it Christmassy enough? Too Christmassy? Has the shark won any more fans over? So many questions. Also, news of the week is hashed about, with particular attention paid to some forthcoming DVD releases. Also, boots are mentioning in passing, along with Beth Willis.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
Steve Hughes…Directs For Series 6!
Series Six…Begins At Easter?
Doctor Who…On Comic Relief!
Torchwood: Miracle Day…Casting News!
Worlds In Time…Details!
The Final Curtain…First Look!
Ace…DVD Box Set!
Planet Of Giants…On DVD!
The Nightmare Of Eden…On DVD!
The Reign Of Terror…On DVD!
Vengeance On Varos…Revisited On DVD!
Nicholas Courtney…Charity Appeal!


A Christmas…Carol!

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #244 – Beth Willis’ Boots

  1. The Colin Baker “Stripped for Action” was on the “Twin Dilemma” DVD.

  2. I wasn’t all that crazy about the Christmas Carol. Maybe it’s because in my extreme excitment I convinced my entire family that our Christmas evening had to stop at 9 so I could watch on BBC America. My siblings and sister-in -law just considered it a terrible example of the geeky shows I always seem to find, and my mother who I had actually convinced to watch Series 5 with me thought this was a real drop off from that. Anyway, I didn’t actually mind the shark just wanted more info on why the people were frozen and why the doctor didn’t seem all that concerned about freeing the rest of them. I did however, very much enjoy your commentary of said episode, so all in all another great episode. You guys keep me sane during work, so thanks for that!

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