Radio Free Skaro #242 – This Is Gallifrey


Radio Free Skaro #242 – Click here to listen

Radio Free Skaro’s coverage of Gallifrey One: Catch 22 wraps up with a tasty triumvirate of interviews with Doctor Who production manager and producer Tracie Simpson, Adric himself, Matthew Waterhouse, and Mad Norwegian Press head publisher Lars Pearson. Thanks to everyone who we talked to over the course of the weekend, and thanks to all of you for listening. We hope you enjoyed the shows!

Show Notes:

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #242 – This Is Gallifrey

  1. Well that was a huge lot of fun. This was my first Gally with you guys since I became a dedicated listener so it was very different to the normal show.

    Well done Steven on having the last bit of energy to put the show out, you sounded as if you were about to slump over the laptop unconcious.

    Great set of Gally shows I look forward to normal service being resumed next Sunday/Monday.

  2. Hey guys,

    Just wanted to leave a message after finally listening to your exhaustive Gally series of podcasts and say thank you – it made me feel like I was actually there!

    Well, it did actually, as I didn’t listen to the shows until I returned from Gally to Brisbane this week 🙂

    Really very enjoyable, capturing the flavour of Gally expertly.

    Thanks again.


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