Radio Free Skaro #238 – The Lobby Was The Time


Radio Free Skaro #238 – Click here to listen

Gallifrey One is in full swing and the first of the daily Radio Free Skaro was screaming out to be released. Of course, being the first episode for Gally it can mean only one thing – PODCEST! The topic of the day was the convention, naturally, and a Warrenless crew comprised of Chip from Two-minute Time Lord, Eric from Mostly Harmless Cutaway, Tim from Tim’s Take On, Erik from Bridging The Rift, Paul from Pharos Project and Katrina from Bridging The Rift joined Steven and Chris for a round table tête-a-tête-a-tête-a-tête-a-tête-a-tête-a-tête-a-tête and later on we sat down with Ken from Podshock for more Gally talk. Let the madness begin!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
Bridging…The Rift!
Two-minute…Time Lord!
Mostly Harmless…Cutaway!
Tim’s… Take On!

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #238 – The Lobby Was The Time

  1. Personally, I don’t mind if you just had podcasters hanging out and getting progressively more and more drunk- this was a highly entertaining podcast. I love Convention Weekend. I’ll get there.Someday.

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