May 2011 North America Doctor Who DVDs


May 10 will see two Pertwee stories hit DVD in North America, two titles which as yet don’t even have UK release dates!

Doctor Who Magazine 430 announced these titles would be out this year though no corresponding Region 2 release dates accompanied the article, which isn’t in the least unexpected due to releases being in flux. (We’ve already seen that the 2011 release of The Ambassadors of Death, another Pertwee story, won’t be happening due to technical issues with the colour restoration.) It is, however, rather cool to see firm release dates set for Region 1 before any other part of the world!

Terror of the Autons introduces The Master to the world of Doctor Who, along with Jo Grant and Captain Yates, and sees the return of the Nestenes and Autons first introduced the year before. The UK version of Terror will be coupled with a rerelease of Spearhead From Space, something not mirrored in North America. The box set notion for releases seems to have all but fallen out of vogue on this side of the pond, alas.

Planet of the Spiders sees Jon Pertwee handing over the TARDIS to Tom Baker, but not before some of the most classic Doctor Who chase action ever seen; Spiders will be a 2-disc release, also including an omnibus version of the story and a commentary with, in part, friend of the show Phil Ford.

SRP will be $24.98 and $34.98 respectively. Click the cover art for larger versions, and check out more details at


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