Radio Free Skaro #230 – Shark Bless Us, Everyone


Radio Free Skaro #230 – Click here to listen
2010 was a great year for Doctor Who, and it was capped off by what all three hosts of Radio Free Skaro (and many, many others on the internet) consider to be the finest Doctor Who Christmas Special to date. A Christmas Carol had it all – strong story, superb writing, great performances, and was never in danger of jumping the very rickshaw pulling shark that featured several times in the episode. The Three Who Rule discuss all of this and more with great gusto, and give a few hints of their podcast plans for the year to come…
Show Notes:

A Christmas Carol…on BBC One!
A Christmas Carol…on BBC America!
A Christmas Carol…on SPACE!
Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
Radio Free Skaro…on YouTube!
A Christmas Carol…Overnight Ratings!
A Christmas Carol…Soundtrack!
The Eleventh Hour…Pwns iPlayer!
Torchwood…Here To Stay?!
Shadows of the Vashta Nerada…Released!


12 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #230 – Shark Bless Us, Everyone

  1. I’m looking forward to your Miniscope look at Dick Mills.

    If memory serves, I recall Mills being behind some of the signature sounds of the show, including the sound f/x used for the RFS Randomiser and Miniscope — Sutekh’s Time Tunnel.

    That’s really good, but my favorite of his are the sound f/x he did for the Zygon’s spaceship and the White Guardian’s wind chimes. Probably, the most recognizable sound f/x created by Mills is the Cloister Bell, another great. Anywho, I’m looking forward to hearing your take on his work.

    I’d love for anyone associated with the Radiophonic Workshop to contribute again to Doctor Who. Mills is no exception.

  2. I enjoyed it but I can’t quite claim it was the best Christmas special of the six. Runaway Bride has that distinction, for me. But it was a fun, funny, and touching story. Gambon was excellent, Jenkins was lovely, and I didn’t even mind the shark.

    And Viva La Miniscope!

  3. I saw the blog post but don’t follow him on twitter. My girlfriend does and I briefly saw a tweet he posted (and quickly deleted) but nothing other than that. Wish I’d had the chance to take a screen shot of it though.

    I’ve met the man on far too many occasions to know first hand he’s… unique. He’s still an interesting person to follow and from time to time has some very insightful things to say between the bouts of venomous speech/typing.

  4. Hey Three Who Rule!

    Couple quick things. First off, your YouTube video link for the Season 6 promo has been pulled. Here’s another which (as of this second, at least) works:

    I’ve also pulled down the video from that link as a HQ mp4, so if you need it, get in touch.

    Ok, second thing…

    Now that I’ve actually *watched* the Christmas Carol special (and listened to this podcast afterwards) I’ll just politely agree to disagree with you guys. This story had a complete “mash-up” feel to it for me, and really made no sense. To me it shows how absolutely odd-ball and esoteric the story writing has gotten. If you can call Battlestar Galactica “science fiction” (which I dispute, albeit for other reasons) then what is it you call Dr. Who? I have some names in mind, but none are likely to pass the general “G” rating that this site is all about.

    Anyhow, just so you know, I still think the world of you guys, and I hope you and all the other listeners have a safe and happy new year.

    Cape Coral, FL

  5. One other quick — if oddball — thought.

    It’s probably a good thing we don’t see anyone doing gymnastics near the shark, especially Matt Smith. Can you imagine how bad it could get if the Doctor were caught “jumping the shark”?

    Imagine the headlines…

  6. Chris,
    Miles is an interesting bird and an exceedingly imaginative writer. Have you read any of his EDAs? The man has brilliant ideas. It’s because of that that I tend to not like seeing him maligned by folks on the OG/DWF/GB forums. But that… outburst(?)… was pretty over the top.

    He still has the best excuse for the existence of Katy Perry: “Katy Perry may *appear* useless, but she stops Russell Brand mating with humans. Think of her as a gigantic novelty condom.”

  7. Miles is indeed an interesting bird and imaginative writer as you say, or so I’m told for the latter anyhow. I’ve not read his published works though I’ve long been interested in doing so (or at least Alien Bodies, which I’m told is superb). But like Ian Levine, he’s one of those outspoken people in the Who world that’s just all over the map and it’s hard to take what he does seriously. It’s tough to separate the man from the online persona. In all the times I met the man, while he was eccentric to be kind, he never went off on anything as he does online. Having seen both sides of him I can’t think of one without the other.

  8. Most of Miles’ notoriety is self-induced, true. The man has a vendetta against the Moff that’s baffling, and he’s assured that he’ll never be a part of Who again.

    But damn, can the man write. Alien Bodies is worth it, Chris.

  9. It’s definitely not a lack of interest, it’s just a matter of getting around to it. The book has been recommended to me by numerous people and I’m intrigued to read it if I ever make the time.

    But yes, his anti-Moffat stance is baffling. I can understand having issues with the man, many people do, but it’s like he refuses to see any good in what he does. I have my beefs with RTD but I’m more than willing to give him credit where it’s due… 🙂

  10. This is a bit delayed, I had to wait for the episode to arrive via thumbstick. I am a relative newcomer to your website, but after listening to only a few podcasts I became addicted. I really enjoy the balance you strike with your reviews, I find them engaging because each of you will often express opinions completely contrary to my own, but I must inevitably respect them because you make very cogent points. Coming across this website was also for me a door that opened up the world of Doctor Who podcasts, which I quite frankly didn’t know existed until a month or two ago. I’ve listened to quite a few of them, and so far you three are still my favorite. Keep up the fantastic work!

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