Radio Free Skaro #229 – With A Little Help From My Friends


Radio Free Skaro #229 – Click here to listen

The stream of commentaries that the Three Who Rule have been unleashing upon the world for the past several months finally concludes with their real-time review of the Series 5 finale The Big Bang. And what an episode to go out on, all three were as admiring of the story as they were when it first went out in June and nothing has changed in the mean time. Also of note, this is Warren’s last episode from China, a nation whose internet connection is almost as dodgy as its human rights record. Next week: new Doctor Who in the form of A Christmas Carol. And we can’t wait, either.
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
A Christmas Carol…BFI Screening!
Bill Pullman…Joins Torchwood!
Mekhi Phifer…Joins Torchwood!
Doctor Who…on Thinking Allowed!
The Pandorica Opens…Action Figures!
Resurrection of the Daleks…Action Figures!
Mara Tales…coming to Region 1 DVD!
K-9…Comes To UK DVD!


The Big…Bang!


7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #229 – With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. I can’t believe I’m typing this but I’m actually getting excited about Torchwood. Children of Earth was really good and apparently Jane Espenson is involved in the making of the upcoming season. Could it be that it will rise above “meh?” Dare I hope?

    Yes. I dare.

    Also, the reason the Blinovitch effect doesn’t apply to Amy touching Amelia could easily be that as she has grown from a little girl into an adult it isn’t really a case of the same person meeting herself, they’re practically different people both molecularly and metaphorically. Why it doesn’t affect the Doctor embracing his 12 minute younger self later I’m not sure. Time Lord specialness? Tiny little universe getting smaller?

    Sooo… Got any, eh… pictures of Beth Willis in her boots? No?

  2. I watched the original Day of the Triffads from 1963 and the 20Frnag remake WHICH HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ORIGINAL!! It was weird… Eddie Izzard was good, sort of, but the original was epic so epic it even had Carol Ann Ford as Sexy French Maiden so very good film I recommend watching it.

    To finish I LIKE END OF TIME!!!!!! So there. 😛

  3. I think Torchwood could’ve ended at CoE but if they were going to bring it back, I think the current plans are best.

    Thanks for these commentaries, gents. You’ve kept the long wait between the end of series 5 to now nearly bearable. I am anxiously awaiting your review of the Christmas special as well as Chris finally getting around to listening to Spare Parts. Quite excellent, it is.

    Which reminds me, would it hurt you guys to, perhaps, give the BF Eighth Doctor audios a try?

  4. you guys are the only place I get my doctor who news from.

    loved the commentaries.

  5. If the wardrobe is so big in the TARDIS, why does the doctor always wear the same thing?

  6. Few more search terms to add this week: Katy Manning Knickers, Billie Piper Chips, Karen Gillan Legs. Thank you. That is all.

  7. Hmmm, RFS seems not to have noticed that the museum brochure spells “tragedy” as “tradegy” in the Nile penguin exhibit blurb. Freeze it when Amelia first opens it in her foyer. On the back side, “New Year’s Day” is also missing the apostrophe. And it also bothers me that the opening and closing times don’t line up. Where is Pedantor when we need him?!

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