Radio Free Skaro #228 – Helter Skelter


Radio Free Skaro #228 – Click here to listen

The Pandorica Opens was the focus of most of this episode of Radio Free Skaro, thanks to a light news week. Good thing, too, as Pandorica was another triumph from Series 5, featuring many power mad conspirators – Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen – gathering together to fight their greatest enemy, The Doctor. Such a visual feast put the Three Who Rule in danger of becoming transfixed on what they were watching, but they managed to mostly steer clear of the silence for the time being. Ah, yes. The Silence. More on that next week…
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
A Christmas Carol…Region 1 Release!
Mara Tales…DVD Release Date!
Revisitations 2…DVD Release Date!
Doctor Who Prom…On Aussie TV!
Guess Who’s Back… For Torchwood!
New Audio Dramas…For Torchwood!


The Pandorica…Opens!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #228 – Helter Skelter

  1. In this week’s episode, Warren asks how the Nestene Consciousness travelled back in time and how Rory remained alive after the Pandorica operation was completed.

    The Nestene Consciousness in “Rose” was deemed to have warp shunt technology, so that explains it coming to earth in the second century.

    Why Rory stayed alive is harder to explain. Since the Nestene Consciousness is no longer trying to animate him, it makes sense that he’d revert to the character of Rory and Rory would no longer need to fight to keep his identity. How he remains powered, I don’t understand though. Maybe these are autons who got independent power sources. I.e. they’re not just straight plastic mannequins, but rather are custom plastic constructs for this operation (makes sense since plastic wasn’t around yet for the Nestene Consciousness to hijack) and were given power sources so that the Nestene Consciousness wouldn’t need to step in until the autons were needed to capture the Doctor. So Rory could keep operating.

    Hopefully Rory isn’t powered by idiotic science like the infinity continuum though . . .

    – Mustafa Hirji

  2. Dear sirs,

    I wish to complain about the endless dribbling over the alleged incredible program known as Battlestar Galactica. As a housewife with over 17 questionable tendencies, it pains me to listen as three astute and nubile young men… well, two young men and Warren… bring up vastly inferior program like BSG, Maude, and You Can’t Do That On Television! on an almost weekly basis.

    Shame, young men and Warren. Shame.

    Yours erroneously,
    Esther Pinstripe-Dickerings

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