Radio Free Skaro #225 – We Can Work It Out


Radio Free Skaro #225 – Click here to listen

It was a banner week for Doctor Who leading up the programme’s 47th anniversary celebrations on November 23, with massive news on both sides of the Atlantic in the forms of a new trailer for A Christmas Carol, a same-day broadcast date in the US, and Matt Smith’s landmark appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. All of these events and more were discussed at great length by the Three Who Rule, amongst other notable topics (including Ian Levine’s Shada), capped off by a rollicking commentary on the Series 5 episode “Cold Blood”. Enjoy, and Happy Birthday, Doctor Who!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
A Christmas Carol…On BBC America!
A Christmas Carol…On The ABC!
Children…In Need!
A Christmas Carol…Trailer!
Matt Smith…On The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson!
Matthew Graham…Confirmed To Write For Series 6!
Episodes 5 and 6…Named!
Goodbye Sarah Jane…Part 1!
Goodbye Sarah Jane…Part 2!
The Empty Planet…Ratings!
Rose Tyler…Best Companion Ever?!
Return to Earth…Rated!
March 2011…North American DVDs!




3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #225 – We Can Work It Out

  1. Steven, nice Hartnell-esque malapropism in calling Russell William Enoch as “William Chesterton”. And if you had his name you could have given him hers. Mm? Mmh?

    And thanks for sticking up for Doctor Who while those other two disagreeable reprobates yammered on and on about Babbastew Et cetera.

    Fun as always, gents. I cannot wait to recreate the feelings of meh-ness for “Vincent and The Giant Chicken”.

  2. Love the show, thank you Steven for sticking up for Vincent & The Doctor, personally think its perfectly lovely story despite the grumbles of the other two.

    One last thing, I mean I don’t claim to know the fandom well, frankly I try to avoid it whenever possible I’m what RTD called a Silent Fan in one of his Production Notes (Well almost.) But is it possible Ian Levine was high when he concoted this Shada nonsense?

    Later on.

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