Radio Free Skaro #216 – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


Radio Free Skaro #216 – Click here to listen

In a not-so-unprecedented move, Steven and Chris welcome back the Two-minute Time Lord himself, Chip, to take a look at what is thought by many to be the weak point of Series 5 — Victory of the Daleks. The Series 5 commentary series examines where the episode went right and where it went wrong, and of course there can never be enough discussion about the Power Rangers-esque Daleks. Will opinions change for the better? Will they change for the worse? Will Churchill ever put out that blasted cigar when in the bunker? Only some of those questions will be answered in this week’s Radio Free Skaro!
Show Notes:

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Victory…Of The Daleks!


4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #216 – Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

  1. Your concerns were my concerns, gentlemen. VOTD starts off so wonderfully but just falls to pieces. And the swooping cameras — they’re enough to make mild-mannered Steven curse.

    But the thing that niggles me is if Bracewell runs off at the end of this episode, how does he come back for “The Pandorica Opens”? Did he find Dorabella or did Churchill snare him before he had a chance to leave?

  2. The spitfires in space didn’t bother me so much, aside from how quick they were put together. What bothered me is that if the whole premise was supposed to be the identification of the old daleks AS daleks, they failed miserably. The new daleks took them out anyway. It leaves the entire episode with no point at all, even for the daleks. I also found myself falling asleep toward the end, and I believe it was a self defense ploy, so my brain could stop trying to figure out how emotion cancels out bomb. It does, however contain one of my favorite lines ever – “Alright, it’s a jammie dodger. But I was promised tea!” I find myself quoting this one for no apparent reason.

  3. I hereby demand the banning of Mark Gatiss from writing any other Dr Who episodes…who’s with me?!?!

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