Doctor Who 1996 TV Movie Coming to DVD in North America


As heard in an exclusive interview on the Hoo On Who podcast, 2Entertain Commissioning Editor Dan Hall announced that the 1996 FOX Doctor Who TV Movie will be released in North America before the end of 2011. The long and convoluted history regarding broadcast and distribution rights between the various production companies responsible for the movie have kept it off of North American VHS and DVD shelves since its original broadcast 14 years, so this is welcome, and overdue, news.

Good job, David and Marty at Hoo On Who, for bringing us the announcement! You can visit the Hoo On Who website here, or click to listen to the exclusive announcement in the media player above.


3 Comments on “Doctor Who 1996 TV Movie Coming to DVD in North America

  1. From a technical perspective, the plan right now is for the North American DVD release to be standards converted from 50Hz PAL to 60Hz NTSC. Given that the movie was originally edited as a NTSC production in the U.S. and then standards converted to PAL for broadcast in the U.K., this adds two unnecessary conversions for the North American DVD release.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like it would be too expensive for 2Entertain to go back and remaster the original NTSC edit just for release on DVD in the U.S./Canada–I don’t even know if the BBC has access to it. But with standards conversion being much improved this days, hopefully no one will be able to tell the difference in the picture quality.

    If they did have access to the NTSC version, 2Entertain might have been better off cleaning up that version, then converting it to PAL for the U.K. DVD release. Sadly, I suspect this hasn’t happened.

  2. From what I know, Kevin Davies (“More Than 30 Years in the TARDIS” and “The Making of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”) has a hand in one of the extras.

  3. Hopefully they edit the half-human bit out, as well as his knocking down the morgue door.
    Too bad this movie couldn’t have had as a good a story as the Big Finish tales.

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