Doctor Who Podcast Alliance Interviews Matthew Waterhouse


On this edition of the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance (DWPA) Podcast, a recent event at Waterstones in Lakeside, Thurrock brought various members of the DWPA into contact with one Matthew Waterhouse, he of Adric fame. What follows is a general podcast about the event, plus an interview with the unfairly maligned Waterhouse himself, who was also gracious enough to read an excerpt of his keenly anticipated Doctor Who memoir, Blue Box Boy. Listen to the show in the media player above!

Check out the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance site to find a glorious smattering of Doctor Who podcasts (including Radio Free Skaro) that will no doubt educate and entertain you.


2 Comments on “Doctor Who Podcast Alliance Interviews Matthew Waterhouse

  1. a bit of faffing around in the beginning, but then developed into an insightful discussion surrounding Adric before a great interview with the publisher and the waterstones bloke as well as Matthew. What a gret guy and a great talent- hopefully his books and the promo tours surrounding themwas be the ultimat catalyst for the Adric haters to finally reconsider their opinions. Great, it was a pleasure to listen.

  2. Matthew.

    I just bought you book “Blue Box Boy”. After 2 days, I would want to read your other novels…

    I’m in Springfield, Mass., and would just love to take you and your boyfriend to lunch or dinner one day. If you would like some type of “other” meats, the restaurant I’m thinking of would be wonderful for you… It has the usual fare, but they also have some great cuts if you might be interested…..It’s a great German type restaurant since the 1930’s. and my uncle was the electrician since the early 1960’s.

    After reading your book, I know your appreciation of such things.

    I’d just love to meet you and your partner, and would hope that you might just make it back to Springfield…

    I’m just a huge fan (and have been all these years), and I’m so sorry I missed you when you were in Springfield….

    I really would wish you reply….

    I’m a bit older (Nov 1960), so you’re still a junior to me…… So Funny…

    All my best to you and your partner…..


    All my love!!!!

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