Radio Free Skaro #201 – Amy and Amiability


Radio Free Skaro #201 – Click here to listen

An unconventional artist anchored an unusual episode as “Vincent and the Doctor”, written by Richard Curtis, graced our screens this week. Reaction on the internet made it seem like everyone either loved or hated the episode, but the Three Who Rule were…well, you’ll just have to listen to the episode to find out. However, Vincent and the Doctor was but one episode released this week thanks to City of the Daleks hitting computer screens…
Show Notes:

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6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #201 – Amy and Amiability

  1. Did the Doctor and Amy change history by taking Vincent into the future and showing him the museum exhibition? Your analysis says no. The reality, however…

    At the beginning of the episode, Bill Nighy says that the church painting is made in the first week of June 1890, a year before his suicide.

    Historically, however, Van Gogh committed suicide on July 29th, 1890, a mere two months after the Doctor and Amy’s visit.

    Assuming that Nighy’s curator was not incorrect, it can be argued that the Doctor hastened Van Gogh’s suicide by roughly ten months.

  2. This is quite ironic but yes in a way Van Gough does help the doctor with the pandorica.
    “a van gough painting is ferried across thousands of years communicating a disturbing prophecy to the doctor” (quote DWM)
    Also the release date for the second doctor who is roughly in “a few weeks time” =D I really enjoy them too

  3. I come to the same conclusion as Allyn: Bill Nighy says that Van Gogh’s final sprint of productivity in his last months/years was “extra surprising because he had no hope of recognition for it” (or words to that effect).

    From that I took the meaning that it was the Doctor & Amy’s interference which gave Van Gogh the encouragement to keep producing for posterity (whereas in his present he couldn’t sell a painting for a glass of wine, and he thought nothing of painting over one of his “old”/finished paintings to make to show D&A what the monster looked like).

    About the pronunciation, on the show “QI”, Stephen Fry had a Dutch Van Gogh museum director in the audience to deliver the correct (Dutch) way to say it, and though I can repeat it, I can’t spell it out in English better than “Van Hrrrrrochhhh”.

    Cheers from Vancouver,
    Jan Karlsbjerg (Danish (not Dutch))

  4. First off, guys, “thirty-ought-eight” is actually written 30.08. So, until you get to episode three thousand and eight, it would be, at best, “three ought eight”.

    I liked this episode, and it really felt like a classic episode, but didn’t feel rushed.

    And what’s with the whole “Van Goth” thing? I don’t really get it.

    Taking Vincent to the future almost had a “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” feel to it.

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