Radio Free Skaro #197 – Mock Turtle Soup


Radio Free Skaro #197 – Click here to listen!

Vampires! Venice! Fish people! Disagreement! While two of the Three Who Rule were less than blown away by the latest historical romp, “The Vampires of Venice”, with little else to discuss during this slow news week it was that or stats. Which were also discussed. Harrumph.
Show Notes:

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Episode Six…The Vampires of Venice!
The Vampires of Venice…Ratings!
Flesh and Stone…Appreciation Index!
The Time of Angels…Final Viewing Figures!
Amy’s Choice…Broadcast Time!
The Hungry Earth…Broadcast Time!
The Hungry Earth…Synopsis!


6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #197 – Mock Turtle Soup

  1. Another good podcast guys, complete with shameless self pluggery (but I’ll still listen to the Space-cast).
    as for TvoV; I loved it. Only bad thing? “This is Venice!”
    glad the length is finally back, though the timing was good (not to slow at all, and especially refreshing compared to the tragically short TBB and VoD. (Moffetts two part gets a free pass as a two parter).
    Loved the first scene between the Doc and (?) Rosaline, the queen fish.

  2. Toby jones did the VoiceOver of dobby from harry potter 🙂

  3. Hey Guys!

    IF (and that’s a mighty big *if*) Doctor Who were intended to be serious adult science fiction, then I would be agreeing with two of you. However — and I feel rather safe in saying this, particularly as a long time dedicated Dr. Who fan — nobody would ever mistake Dr. Who for anything other than a fun family drama — and as such, I agreee with one of you instead.

    I thought the opening was definitely original and very unique, particularly with the Doctor popping up through the bachelor party cake. The comedic interaction between the characters really worked in this episode. Obviously, *anything* can be taken too far, but as an in-between episode, it worked well.

    Speaking of the humor, all the comedy elements they stuck in worked, from the psychic paper gag to Rory finding out he was a eunich (nice inside joke) and the various assemblage of one-liners and reactions. While obviously staged, the humor in this episode felt far less contrived than in others (to say nothing of anything RTD did).

    Also, is it just me or do other people feel like Matt Smith is playing the Doctor similarly to the character of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory? It works great for an alien and is just the right mix of quirky and intelligent and outsider.

    Regarding the interaction “between two aliens”, it amazes me how much better the new series is handling this sort of thing than the old. For some reason, a comparison popped into my head, after hearing you guys talk about “the Doctor and the Fish Queen’s meeting”, between this episode and “Time and the Rani”.

    And speaking of comparisons, it’s probably the whole Celestial Toy Maker thing, but the promo for “Amy’s Choice” really reminds me of the Hartnell era, with perhaps bits of PatDoc’s and JonDoc’s eras thrown in.

    I had issues with pacing, but I felt certain elements were just too rushed. I really don’t see how anyone would feel that Vampires was in any way plodding.

    One disappointment for me is I was really hoping for a State of Decay tie-in; but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. However, the fish aliens looked pretty good, so I can’t complain too terribly much.

    Thanks again for a little Dr. Who podcast action. Keep up the good work!

  4. Ok. First, if this episode sat in Season 4 – it would have been the best. Juxtaposed to what we’ve watched up until now, it was…ok. This is still the best series since ’05 – and Matt Smith the best Doctor so far. Amy Pond is hot – we’ll leave that there.

    I have a feeling that Toby is not what he seems. Wasn’t at all impressed with the inside of the TARDIS. Seems to have more knowledge than he lets on. Next week is definitely Celestial Toymaker-like, “a mind-f***” episode, that will likely leave us needing to watch it again to see what we missed. I like that kind of Doctor Who – and very excited to see it.

    In regards to the Hungry Earth synopsis – is it me, or does this sound a little like Inferno circa 1970 in addition to DW and the Silurians and Green Death…mmm.

  5. Hey Fellas – love the show etc etc.

    Question – how do you actually *do* this? By what mechanism are you recording so you all sound in the same room? I mean you are separated by geography and I’m curious about how you actually do it? Is it just Skype recorded?

  6. I didn’t dislike this episode, but the characters seemed awkward. In particular, Amy seemed to care nothing about Rory’s feelings or her commitment to him and yet for some reason was willing to make a go of the “date”. At least Rose, in the too-similarly-setup “Girl in the Fireplace” hadn’t explicitly rejected Mickey by that point and also a sort of showing-off scene where she re-warmed to him while the Doctor was away.

    Quibbles: How and why did the Doctor get into the cake? What library in 1963 made photo IDs? Also: Pulling a huge ultraviolet light out of nowhere for a penis joke; Guido turning into a warrior from 300; no notice of their anachronistic clothes; and the Doctor apparently took them to Venice in the middle of winter.

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