SPACE Blog – A new season, a new Doctor, and a new era.

<![CDATA[spacebadgeBy now we’ve all seen David Tennant morph into Matt Smith, and been offered a tantalizing glimpse of the 11th Doctor as he hurtles towards the Earth in a burning TARDIS. But we really have no idea what to expect from the new series, even factoring in spoiler reports and leaked pictures of new and returning monsters. Speculation is not only our only course of action, it’s also loads of fun, so let’s begin.

The most crucial element in any new series of Doctor Who is of course the Doctor himself. With Matt Smith, the audience has been handed a huge unknown, both in terms of his previous work and how he’ll portray the iconic character. All we really know is what we’ve seen in the final minute of “The End of Time Part Two,” and that’s barely anything to go on.

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