Second Series Fnarg Trailer

<![CDATA[Today the BBC aired a new trailer for the first Matt Smith series, presented here in shameful 2D while UK cinemas will soon get a 3D version which will no doubt be squeeful eye candy. The best part of the trailer comes at the end when it's noted Series Fnarg will have an Easter release. This means April 3, Easter Saturday, in all likelihood. Hooray!


4 Comments on “Second Series Fnarg Trailer

  1. Ok, the new trailer. Taken in the context that it was made to be shown in 3D as a trailer with Alice in Wonderland in UK cinemas, it might have worked (eg, they were falling down a rabbit hole?). But was the really the best they could come up with? It looked cheap and with the Dalek floating about in a bubble, it put me mind of those terrible Doctor heads floating about in Dimensions in Time *shudder*.

    What really surprises me is the positive remarks on forums from usually overly critical fans. Am I the only curmudgeon around here?


  2. I would say my biggest disappointment was the trailer wasn’t a trailer in the traditional sense, and though the BBC never said precisely what the content would be I was nonetheless expecting clips from the new series in a montage. That’s definitely my bad, but really it’s only been 6 weeks since we had exactly that so why do it again so soon? The promo, as it stands, is fine enough and helps to build a sense of adventure for the new series.

    The new series is starting fresh, something we’ve not had since the show came back 5 years ago, and getting that excitement going for the mass audience is paramount. (There’s otherwise been some cast carry over so people feel familiar with the show when the new series begins.) Overall the content, to me, is rather pants, but if it’s working for the masses then it’s doing its job.

    The best part of it was how much it reminded me of the “Adventure of a Lifetime” promo that came out before Eccleston’s series, and (IMO anyway) that’s been the gold standard in non-montage promos for the new series, so I’m considering it a compliment that this promo sparked that association. And then it made me miss Eccleston.

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