Radio Free Skaro Invades Gallifrey 21


The countdown is on to Gallifrey 21, the world’s foremost Doctor Who convention, which gets underway on February 26 in Los Angeles, California. The Three Who Rule will be there for the second straight year, having enjoyed themselves immensely when they attended Gallifrey 20 in February 2009. If you, dear readers and listeners, are headed there this year, too, you will have the time of your lives. If you can’t make it to LA, then Radio Free Skaro has you covered, as there will be daily RFS podcasts from Gallifrey from Wednesday, February 24 to Sunday, February 28.

Each episode will be packed with interviews with actors, writers, and directors from Doctor Who, as well as the typical japery and nonsense that usually accompanies Radio Free Skaro podcasts. So keep checking the feeds and iTunes starting on February 24 as Radio Free Skaro brings the Gallifrey experience to you!

Until then, why not dip back into last year’s coverage and enjoy interviews we did with Rob Shearman, Toby Hadoke, and many others?

Radio Free Skaro #122 – Live From Gallifrey
Phil Collinson Interview
Radio Free Skaro #123 – Shearman After Dark
Toby Hadoke Interview
Radio Free Skaro #124 – Two Scoops of Hooray
Radio Free Skaro #125 – Toclafantastic
David J. Howe Interview
Gallifrey Podcast Panel
Steve Roberts Interview
Simon Guerrier Interview
So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who?]]>

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