Radio Free Skaro #176 – Neil Before Zod!


Radio Free Skaro #176 – Click here to listen

rfs176One mini-break in the wilderness is over for Doctor Who and it’s time to look at the gap year that was as we head into the next wilderness mini-break, awaiting Matt Smith’s first series. To aid in the retrospective the Three Who Rule dragged Tachyon TV’s own Neil Perryman kicking and screaming into the (virtual) recording booth, Vinvocci style. More bile was flung about than a monkey can fling poop, though kudos were given where appropriate… but do we ever want to see a gap year again?
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
The End of Time…Part Two Ratings!
The End of Time…Part Two Appreciated!
BBC America…New Ratings Records!
The End of Time…Goes To Australia!
Series 5/1/31…Writers!
Episode Title…Leaked!
Murray Gold…Does More Music!
National Television…Fictitious Awards!
The Creature From The Pit…On DVD!
The End of Time…Action Figures!
SFX Weekender…Ticket Competition!
The Writer’s Tale…Updated!


7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #176 – Neil Before Zod!

  1. To refute all of your comments about the US kids not being into Doctor Who and Sci Fi – at the Pinewood Derby (cub scout race) this past week we had a Enterprise want to be and the ship from Red Dwarf.

    Almost all the parents in my corner of the room were discussing the End of Time and the upcoming season!

    And 2 kids were discussing just how to build a Tardis for next year that would not be top heavy!…..

  2. Wow. Another hour and a half of how much you dislike Doctor Who. How thrilling. Thank you for the one or two (albeit brief) positive points you made.

  3. Hi Americas Hat,

    Yeah, we all legitimately feel bad about how much we dumped on it and how grumpy we came across in #176. We’re planning to look at the positives of the RTD era in the next episode to reset the balance a bit.

  4. Hey guys, just want to say I really enjoyed this episode. Seemed like Neil’s presence really energized the group. One of my favorite eps so far!

  5. Hey chaps, Thanks for the mention re Monster of Peladon podcast vid!

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