Radio Free Skaro #172 – Hats Off To (Graeme) Harper


Radio Free Skaro #172 – Click here to listen

rfs172The surest sign of an impending deluge of press reports is upon The Three Who Rule — a slow news week, aka the calm before the storm. In what seems fitting for an audio podcast, most of the points of discussion involve audio work including a look at the recently transmitted “Shelved” which notes the reasons behind the cancellation of Shada (among other shows). Graeme Harper — only the second subject not to be chosen randomly — gets his turn in the Miniscope. Much well-earned fawning occurs over Harper’s Doctor Who ouevre along with lamentations over knowing Harper isn’t involved in Series 5/1/31.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Doctor Who missing episodes…documentary!
Steven Moffat…on Night Waves!
Doctor Who TVM DVD…revisited!
Wendy Padbury…joins Big Finish!

Miniscope Links (Graeme Harper):
The Caves of…Androzani!
Revelation…of the Daleks!
Rise…of the Cybermen!
The Age…of Steel!
Army…of Ghosts!
Planet…of the Ood!
The Unicorn…and the Wasp!
The Stolen…Earth!
The Waters…of MarsI


One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #172 – Hats Off To (Graeme) Harper

  1. wow how on Earth did you guys got a podcast episode under 1 hour. You guy have blown my mind.

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