Radio Free Skaro #171 – You’ll Never Work In This Town Again

Radio Free Skaro #171 – Click here to listen

rfs171With the Three Who Rule reunited once more, and with the analytic powers of the Third Guy squarely aimed at schedules, Appreciation Indexes and other such numeric minutiae, a slow news week was transformed into quasi-random babble and buildup to the exciting segment you’ve all been waiting for….Douglas Camfield in the Miniscope. Praise for Camfield’s prodigious output was universal if varying in intensity, but all three hosts agreed the man was a force for good (for the show) and bad (for Dudley Simpson’s career.)
Show Notes:

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WhoNews…iPhone App!
The End of Time…on BBC One!
The End of Time…on SPACE!
The End of Time…on BBC America!
Doctor Who…Christmas idents!
More Doctor Who…Christmas idents!
The End of Time…clips!
The End of Time…more clips
Doctor Who…Adventure Calendar!
John Barrowman says…Torchwood’s back!
Doctor Who on…See Saw!
Peladon box set…delayed?

Miniscope Links (Douglas Camfield):
Planet…of Giants!
The Time…Meddler!
The Daleks’…Master Plan!
The Web…of Fear!
Terror…of the Zygons!
The Seeds…of Doom!

7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #171 – You’ll Never Work In This Town Again

  1. Oh come on guys have some X-mass spirit, the Dr Who X-mass indent is great, its not to be taken to seriously, it put a smile on my face when I saw it..!

    Happy Christmas all..! 😛

  2. Chris – I’m assuming that you are referring to the DIRECTING of Seeds of Doom when you refer to it as pedestrian. I HOPE you are only referring to the directing. 🙂

  3. I didn’t even really say anything about the ident other than “fair enough” to Warren about his opinion. I didn’t mind it, though it’s not my cup of tea.

    And Josh, I was only talking about the directing, we were covering Camfield after all. Acting was standout all around and the story was a corker. 🙂

  4. I don’t know how the direction of Seeds of Doom can be described as ‘pedestrian’, I’m baffled… Still, each to their own I suppose…

    Without Camfield at the helm Seeds of Doom could have been a bit, ahem, pedestrian but he really turns it into something special. It’s eerie as hell and Burgon’s score is sensational.

    I’m sure that Tom Baker was going a bit ‘Sweeney’ (with the fisticuffs and gun-waving) in SoD what with Camfield having done some great work on that series.

  5. A really enjoyable listen this week. Makes all the difference when you ALL sound like you want to be there 😉

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