OFFICIAL – David Tennant Finale Named!

<![CDATA[Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 10.47.58 AMThe BBC this morning formally announced the previously unknown title for the Christmas Day episode. While it has been known for months that Tennant’s final episode would be called “The End of Time” the production team was keeping things hush hush for the penultimate episode, though that silence has now been broken and we now know the title to be — wait for it — “The End of Time Part One“.

Okay, call it a smidge underwhelming that they’ve teased us like this only to give us something we already knew but for us old school fans there’s a certain nostalgia that makes us grin from ear to ear to know something in NuWho will finally be called “Part One” and “Part Two”.]]>

3 Comments on “OFFICIAL – David Tennant Finale Named!

  1. It will be great in the title sequence when you see the Tennett’s name (and Bernard Cribbins probably) – the Name of the Episode, with Writer…and then Part 1. Like the old days. Can we do “Episode 1” a la “Destiny of the Daleks”?

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