Den of Geek – What We Know About “The End of Time”

Den of Geek LogoSimon Brew over at Den of Geek has posted a wonderful summary article outlining a hefty chunk of what has been gleaned from interviews and formal announcements, along with sneaky peeks from fellow fans and other sources, about David Tennant’s finale beginning next month. Radio Free Skaro’s own Chris was fortunate enough to have a pedantic hand in the piece, which quite obviously carries with it the heftiest of spoiler tags. Anyone who’s been fortunate enough to keep their head buried in the sand with respect to spoilers should most definitely NOT take a look.

The article can be found here, and it’s definitely worth reiterating the VERY spoilery nature of the piece.

2 Comments on “Den of Geek – What We Know About “The End of Time”

  1. I’ve spent a long time piecing the information that’s available and definately believe that:
    It’s Matt Smith who knocks four times – not the Master. Both RTD and Dave Ten have suggested this. Also, DT says the Master only appears in flashbacks. It is Matt Smith who tries to get out of the doctors body and I’ve heard that the final episode is mainly a whole regeneration sequence. Also, this years Children in need was to feauture a clip of all the doctors together. However, this was replaced at the last minute by the very first scene of the Doctor.
    i think that the Doctor has been contaminated. The Master mentions: ‘Time Lord Victorious’. The new doctor mentions ‘Time Lord’ Victorious. River Song in the library said that DT was a younger version and believe that Timothy Dalton plays a later version of DT. And the twist is that DT has to turn back time to before the Time War. But ALL of the past doctors are appearing because the BBC have suggested this some time ago. Don’t be surprised to see Christoper Ecclestone and Paul McGann because they were the ones. The darkness is the devouring creatures that have appeared in several past episodes but are unexplained.
    I think the Doctor has gone ‘wrong’ because of something the MAster has done. The Master appears as a flashing skeleton because he’s not quite back yet and is still dead.

    The Doctors song is ending… in other words: Donna dies i.e. she is this doctors ‘Song’ that the OOD refer to.
    I’ve also read that the OOD maime the Doctor (punches him in the stomacher that sparks a whole regeneration process. Also, the Doctors final scenes are of him seeing rose again but she doesn’t know he is. He tells her on a bus that Carmen is on. The whole time is fragmented and the reason why carmen and the OOD know is because they have seen the doctor several times in his time line. As DT says, the Doctor is running incontrovibly from his own demise. As for Donna’s ring glowing: I think it is meant to hint when Time has been fragmented ; or when the doctor has been contaminated. Btw – Galifrey returns but in flashbacks and Tim Dalton is the furture DT doctor – not the Matt Smith. Everything that the doctor has done gets undone. Also, believe that because aspect of time changed then the past comes back such as the book about ‘fighting the future’. But the Doctor has worked out that he must turn back time and not to become his future self i.e. Tim Dalton. Phew. got that off my chest! We’ll see!

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