Radio Free Skaro #168 – Squee House of Horror


Radio Free Skaro #168 – Click here to listen

rfs168After seven long months, Doctor Who returned to the airwaves in high style with “The Waters of Mars,” a topper of a story and one heck of a lead-in to the Doctor’s imminent demise and resurrection. The Three Who Rule were effusive in their praise of The Waters of Mars, though somewhat less so when the conversation came to the latest episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures, which Chris (also known as “Curmudge-or”) succinctly labeled as “poop”. The trio even discussed how Steven somehow managed to get onto UK radio last week and participate in a conference call with David Tennant. Intellectual banter and relentless name-dropping ahoy!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Doctor Who…The Waters of Mars!
Doctor Who on SPACE…on December 19!
Jonny Campbell…directs Doctor Who!
Doctor Who…in Croatia!
Doctor Who…Confidential!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Mona Lisa’s Revenge!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 9…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 10…ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Children in Need…Doctor Who scene!
And it’s airing…between 8:00 and 8:30!
Dreamland…episode lengths!
Dreamland…coming to BBC Two!
Classic Who…on YouTube!
K9 World Premiere…in Poland!
The Ambassadors of Death…commentary!
Doctor Who DVDs…in March!
Dalek War Box Set coming to…North America!
Big Finish…lost Who episodes!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #168 – Squee House of Horror

  1. Hi guys

    “He will knock four times”, is that the quote?

    If so, then why is it treated like such a mystery who the “he” is? We already know a villain who has a signature knock of four beats: The Master (at least from the new series era). All that da-da-da-da-(pause-pause)-da-da-da-da-(pause-pause) drumming, tapping, etc. as incidental music/mood/rhythm and The Master himself drumming it on the table after he’s just gassed his own cabinet of ministers.

    What am I missing?

  2. About the “he will knock four times” line, David Tennant said in the commentary for Planet of the Dead that (and I’m partially paraphrasing this) “if you think you’ve figured it out, you haven’t”. So it seems too obvious for The Master to be the person knocking…doesn’t it? Please be too obvious…

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