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Radio Free Skaro #161 – Click here to listen

Rumours, rumours and more rumours were grist for the RFS mill this week, as the Three Who Rule speculated on a new, possibly leaked list of Season 5/1/31 writers (and confirmed one or two writers (Chris Chibnall) and directors (Ashley Way, Andrew Gunn) along the way), watching Phil (friend of the show) Ford’s reactions to watching Dreamland (very meta) and DVD speculation run amok. All this and a Fiona Cumming Miniscope.
Show Notes:

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Louise Jameson at…Who York!
Series 5/1/31…writers? (possible spoilers)
Neil Gaiman says…no!
Ashley Way and Chris Chibnall…confirmed!
Andrew Gunn…confirmed!
Sarah Jane Adventures…preview clip!
SJA Ep 3-4…preview details!
Phil Ford talks about…Dreamland!
McGann returning?…never!
Peladon DVD box set…details?
Kamelion DVD box set…details?
The End DVD box set…details?
Pertwee figure…with maggots!
Miniscope Links (Fiona Cumming):
Planet of…Fire!


11 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #161 – Second Hand News

  1. Mary Ridge. She was a woman (and probably still is). 😉 Directed ‘Terminus’ for Dr Who and ‘Terminal’ for Blake’s 7 amongst other episodes. But then you’ll know all that. 🙂

  2. Mary Ridge is no longer a woman as she died in 2000. How she escaped our attention during all this escapes me, though (especially since I didn’t have to look up the fact that she was dead), if only because Cumming directed the story that came after “Terminus” and the one two stories before it.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb……thanks for pointing out our glaring error, Dave.

  3. Snakedance is one of my favourite stories! I absolutely love it! Kinda is also fantastic!

    BTW – The Ultimate Evil (which didn’t have anything particularly ultimate in it!) is the one story that Big Finish didn’t get the rights to for the Lost Stories season!

  4. Julia Smith was the first woman (The Underwater Menace!) to direct a story from Doctor Who.

  5. Yes, no, and yes, Charlie:

    Yes – Julia Smith is yet another female director who directed Doctor Who who we completely forgot about.

    No – Paddy Russell was the first woman to direct a Who story, The Massacre in 1966.

    Yes – we need some severe whipping for making these huge errors. Massive mea culpa coming up on RFS #162.

  6. It didn’t seem in the least correct that there were no female directors other than Russell and Cumming… I knew I should have had a list of directors handy if only for pedantry.

  7. I spent yesterday listening to podcasts, now I can’t remember who said what, so..
    Good show Warren, Nat, Jo!, Katrina, Steven, Tony and Chris.
    Interesting discussion all around.

  8. Great show, as always. Can I just say that Pertwee’s condemnation of the MiniScope (“Now this is outrageous!”) always makes me laugh?

  9. One thing that I like about Enlightenment is that there is a DWM story that they did for Sylvester McCoy’s doctor that I quite enjoyed.
    Snake dance was a good episode but I think that Kinda looked visually a lot better.

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