Radio Free Skaro Presents Podcest: The Whooverville Podcast Panel


The Whooverville Doctor Who convention that took place in September at Derby featured a notable podcasting panel featuring representatives from no less than eight (8) different Doctor Who podcasts. Eager to elbow their way into a party to which they were never invited, Radio Free Skaro is proud to present this panel to you for your listening enjoyment. Very big thanks to Adam Purcell of Staggering Stories for providing the audio.

Oh, and happy 100th episode, Tin Dog!

Direct Download

Appearing at the Whooverville Podcast Panel were:

– Tony Gallichan from The Flashing Blade Podcast
– Michael Gilroy-Sinclair from Doctor Who: Tin Dog Podcast
– Karen Dunn and Adam Purcell from Staggering Stories Podcast
– Marty Perrett from DWO Whocast
– Dave Cooper from The Cultdom Chronicles
– James Naughton from Doctor Who: Podshock
– Nat Titman from Bridging The Rift
– Luke Harrison from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro Presents Podcest: The Whooverville Podcast Panel

  1. Awww, bless…. we know you, we know of you…we were just bedazzled by the smell coming from the ‘facilities’ at Whooverville. Dear Bod…. Anyway, nice to see you muscling in, LOL. You aint got an interview with THE Colin Baker in which you ask him about goats, though do you? 😛

  2. Aaargh, hang podcest and get yer own podcast out ya lazy what-nots!! 😉

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