Radio Free Skaro #149 – Torchwood: Children of Worth


In a stunning, nay flabbergasting turn of events, the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries turned out to be not only a fantastic five days of entertainment but possibly one of the best things on television thus far this year. A special 4 person quorum of the RFS council was called to deal with this turn of events, with special Torchwood representative Katrina joining the fun. But that’s not all! The Three Who Rule Plus One also threw in a “Bad Wolf” commentary…but of course such good fortune meant the beast Cracklor also paid a visit. Still, an epic-length RFS for an epic entry in the Doctor Who canon.

Direct Download

Show Notes:

Torchwood! Torchwood!…Torchwood!
The Waters of Mars…clip! (UK)
The Waters of Mars…clip! (everywhere else)
Lizo says…Doctor Who on CiN?
RTD says…no movie!

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #149 – Torchwood: Children of Worth

  1. Hey guys,

    Loved your Torchwood discussion. One thing I haven’t seen raised regarding Children of Earth was the scientist guy who assisted throughout the whole Alien in a box part (the guy who was later shot in the leg and excitedly declared that “They’re gonna fry” when Jack was about to kill his Grandson). Is it possible he is Torchwood 2? In the pilot episode of Torchwood Jack refers to a strange man who is behind Torchwood 2, in Glasgow I think. Thoughts?

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