Radio Free Skaro #145: The Lament of Steven


Steven, one mighty pillar of the tripod that is the Three Who Rule, doesn’t often succumb to the base emotions. Indeed, compared to the gutter-dwelling antics of Pedantor and the frankly borderline illegal conduct of Warren, Steven’s unflappable facade is nigh-invulnerable. But when the fate of Pete Tyler in “Father’s Day” comes into play, all propriety goes out the window. Tune in and hear his descent into madness…if you dare.

Direct Download

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…updates!
Who Party Toronto…June 13!
British Fantasy Award…nominations!
Target novelizations…on Radio 4!

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #145: The Lament of Steven

  1. Quick note… the sound cues were spot on. I don’t know how it could be messed up at Gallifrey, but I hear it was. Chris our sound master did an excellent job. Not one cock-up.

  2. Maybe the biggest laugh out loud moment for me since Warren reprised the music from Death to the Daleks on this episode. Steven…just priceless.

  3. Hell, Chris and myself were LOLing during the show. I agree with Josh, pure comic brilliance. (pats own back, once removed.)

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