Radio Free Skaro #144 – Square Peggs


Katrina was back in the fold again this week (replacing Warren, who’s busy blogging in Banff this week), with the main focus of the Three Who Rule being to provide comments on Series 1 episode “The Long Game”. The trio never once went more than ten minutes without discussing the episode at hand – a new record? Along the way, various bits of news were covered, including the explosion of fandom (aka the closing of Doctor Who Forum at Outpost Gallifrey), the shrapnel of which, it was determined, landed well short of affecting your intrepid hosts.

direct download: rfs144.mp3

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Charity auction…final results!
Who Party Toronto…June 13!
Outpost Gallifrey…no more!
Matt Smith’s face…in the titles?
Lawry Lewin…cast!
Sinead Keenan…cast!
25 women who shook…Sci-Fi!
Torchwood S3 US…airdates!
Doctor Who…on SPACE!
Torchwood on the…radio!
Sarah Jane Adventures on…audio!
The Long…Game!

9 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #144 – Square Peggs

  1. Oh I don’t know I’ve been waiting for Warren to give me my copies of Record of Lotus War since 1995 or some such date.

    Do you think that you can use that as can-con for Space so that they can say yes there is Canadian Content in DW.

    Ah Star Cops I quite enjoyed the series, it funny that you haven’t seen it Chris because I think that I got the episodes from you.

    Who Party:
    Its to bad that I didn’t have free time for the Who Party, me and Steve could have driven there for less money. Since I have a car now.

    I had signed up years ago, but I never really never paid to much attention to it.
    Maybe they should just create a web ring for all the DW forums that are out there instead of just one big one.

    K, I think that warrens position of being the funny one is safe. Sorry Katrina, but you are not the funny one.

    Maybe the Linda Carter thing has to do with the magic lasso, that she tied up the bad guys and made they speak the truth.
    How could Jennifer Garner make the list alias was not SciFi.

    The open thing Credits with Matt’s face could be a good thing, they could zoom in on his face and zoom into his eye have the Tardis going through the space/time vortex and that zooming back to matt’s face over and over again. Much like what they did with the Tomorrow Peoples opening credits.

    • Sure poke fun at its name but you o a search on the net for photos of the place and you will wish you where there now.

  2. Yes, remove the closing bracket, the comment system on here apparently sucks and included it in the URL.

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