Radio Free Skaro #143 – Never Trust a Man With a Soul Patch


More news than you can shake a stick at and a highlight of the Eccleston era (Rob Shearman’s “Dalek”) being commented upon, the Three Who Rule blather on for an hour and a half about the happenings in the Who world for the past week (including a discussion on new companion Karen Gillan), and touch on the introduction of a Classic Series icon to NuWho. All this and the latest on Ian Levine and Lizo Mzimba at your fingertips on Radio Free Skaro!

direct download: rfs143.mp3

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Rula Lenska…appeal!
Neil’s Doctor Who…charity auction!
Karen Gillan…new companion!
David Tennant…on SJA!
New Doctor Who…animated series!
David Tennant’s Hamlet…on TV!
S4E18 title…four words long!
New Torchwood trailer…for the UK!
New Torchwood trailer…for the USA!
Classic DVD…release dates!
The Keys of Marinus…DVD details!
The Keys of Marinus…more DVD details!
Planet of the Dead on SPACE…July 25!
Doctor Who returns to…BBC America!
Lizo says…Doctor Who movie?
Lizo says…Judoon in SJA!
Torchwood S3…soundtrack!
Torchwood…audio drama!

2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #143 – Never Trust a Man With a Soul Patch

  1. Well I have to say that as one of the few listeners of this podcast I have not donated to the climb of some hill, mainly because I’m a cheep bastard.

  2. As someone of Scottish decent, and a borderline fetish for Gingers I have to say I support their choice for new companion.
    I think that the reason for the name change for the Scifi network is the same reason that Prince had changed his name the artist formally known as Prince. they discovered that they couldn’t afford the series to to get out of their contract for it they are changing their name to SyFy.

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