So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who: The Director’s Cut

In the latest of the Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway series, we’re very proud to present a wonderful summary video of the “So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who” panel presented at Gallifrey 2009, put together by Simon Harries from Tachyon TV. A shorter version was previously posted to facebook but here we present the Director’s Cut, now with more swearing! Oh, and some more keen insights from the fine fellows at Tachyon TV and Podshock, as well as the Three Who Rule.

Direct download: SoYouWantToPodcastDrWho-FinalMaster-DirectorsCut.mp4

7 Comments on “So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who: The Director’s Cut

  1. You have outdone yourselves guys! This was brilliant and it absolutly made my day! I loaded it up onto my ipod not realising it was an mp4 and got the shoc of my life when those credits started to roll. Very clever, intercuttung it with all your commentaries over the actual episodes. Thanks

  2. Nice little video clip of yours guys time at the con. You you really did have more people there then podcasters of the DW.

  3. Thanks for the compliments, but alas we can’t take credit for the hard work that went into this video. That was all the guys from Tachyon TV, specifically Simon Harries. Head over to and let him know how much you liked it, because he deserves your praise!

  4. I loved this! Someone on the panel, I can’t remember who, said that you spend hours and hours on a podcast and then there’s – silence. I listen to your every podcast and I don’t always remember to say I appreciate your efforts. Thanks!

  5. That was John from TachyonTV. Unfortunately cut from the video was his remark about how what drove them to keep podcasting wasn’t positive feedback so much as a lack of negative feedback which was interesting (and true!).

    Thanks for the kind words. =)

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