Radio Free Skaro – Gallifrey ’09 Podcast Panel

At Gallifrey ’09, three of the most preeminent Doctor Who podcasts around – Podshock, Tachyon TV, and Radio Free Skaro – converged for a tell all panel entitled “So You Want To Podcast Doctor Who?”, ready to dispense vital information to a room full of eager fans wanting to venture into the cutthroat world of podcasting.

With three panelists per podcast, the panel was chock full of on-air talent; it looked like the Yalta Conference of podcasting. Of course, occuring at 11:00 AM on a Saturday morning, the energy in the room was far from palpable. And the party only really began once Damon from Tachyon TV started dispensing beer to all who wanted one (some of the panelists had, at that point, barely stopped drinking since the previous afternoon). But the panel’s main goal was achieved – there actually more people in the audience than on the panel.

Have a listen to the audio from the event here:

Direct download: rfspodcastpanel.mp3

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