Radio Free Skaro #125 – Toclafantastic

And with that, the craziest weekend in the history of Radio Free Skaro came to a close with an enervated Three Who Rule slumped around a microphone in their disheveled hotel room. They ran down their highlights (almost everything) and low lights (almost nothing) before jetting off to their respective patches of ground they call home, ready to come back to Gallifrey 21 next year and do it all again. Ah, the memories.

Direct download: rfs125.mp3

6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #125 – Toclafantastic

  1. You are all too kind! Meeting you was a definite highlight for us too – as you’ll be happy to hear in a new podcast that will be released this weekend! And our last one was in January so we are trying!

    Sorry about the swearing – John honestly didn’t know what he was saying was going to go out as a podcast! We’re still laughing about that now.

    Anyway, listen out for our take on the events soon – we’d love to be able to integrate a bit of the panel into the podcast – is there any way I can get a copy sooner rather than later? 😉

  2. No worries about the recent weeks we’ve veered more towards the profane and we should probably take the “clean” tag off before Apple slaps us hard.

    And I’m digitizing the panel footage right now, so I should be able to get audio to you tonight. And later, the mind-blowing excitement of one continuous shot of the panel. Warhol would be proud.

  3. If John hadn’t broken the watershed, then Rob Shearman would have the next night. And he already has enough to answer for.

  4. That’s what’s called a “master shot” and directors would find it difficult to match the accomplishment indeed.

    On a related topic, I asked Louis if the After Dark stuff would be released and his reply was “Yes, but not it’s entire raw form. There will be an explicit “After Dark” episode & some PG bits will show up in the regular show I suspect.”

  5. Wow, I hope my insanely overjoyed scream of “TIMMY! You haven’t met TIMMMY!” ends up on the editing room floor 😉 Nothing like being really loud, and THEN seeing the microphone and the 7 stunned/annoyed faces staring at me.

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