Radio Free Skaro #123 – Shearman After Dark

The Three Who Rule continued their blitzkrieg coverage of Gallifrey 2009 with not only a wicked hangover (Warren), jet lag (Chris) and a smug sense of clean living self-satisfaction (Steven), but also a sterling interview with one Rob Shearman, the scribe behind award-winning Big Finish titles such as “Chimes of Midnight,” “Holy Terror,” and “Jubilee,” which was later adapted into “Dalek,” the return of everyone’s favorite mean-tempered pepper pots to the new series. Also joining us was Jason Haigh-Ellery, head honcho of the Big Finish audios who was kind enough to supply us all with sweet, sweet, alcohol. Enjoy!

Direct download: rfs123.mp3

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #123 – Shearman After Dark

  1. Hey guy what are you using to record the episodes on, I heard mention that Chris’s battery running out so are you using his MBP?

  2. We are desprate for new Doctors here in the usa. Please tell me you know when season 5 will air here. I would be most thankful and very happy.


  3. Series 5 will probably start airing between April-July 2010, I reckon, not long after it starts airing in the UK. It’s gonna be a long year to wait…

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