Sci-fi films as “dead as westerns”, according to Ridley Scott

The man who brought us Blade Runner and Alien says sci-fi movies are “tired and unoriginal. The man has a bit of a point, though I think he’s off-base regarding the Matrix. But genres generally have to play themselves out before they can recharge and bring fresh ideas to the table. Scott lauds 2001 as a masterpiece, but it took years of crappy B-movies and hackwork to reach that point. Likewise, it could be argued that sci-fi blockbusters have had a great run from Star Wars onward, and that they’d eventually have to run out of gas. It happened with Star Trek, with Star Wars itself, and even Doctor Who needed a bit of a rest before it came back in fighting form. So it’s probably just a matter of time before Sir Ridley is proven wrong.

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