Trek tidbits from AICN

Moriarty, the only writer of note on Ain’t it Cool News (with the exception of the fantastic Neil Cumpston, who may also be Moriarty) has an “exclusive” on the subject matter of the upcoming J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Trek movie. The film revolves around a young cast of characters playing the classic series regulars, but in a weird twist they’re supposedly going to be the product of a different timeline. One the one hand, this craftily dodges continuity madness and effectively reboots the franchise, which is something Star Trek desperately needs. But on the other hand, it involves time travel, which has over 40 years gone from utter coolness in “City on the Edge of Forever” to a lame crutch in…well, everything past “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Predictably, the Trekosphere is boiling over with opinions.

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