Radio Free Skaro #724 – The Edison Twins

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Two titans of early 20th century industry and invention square off in the fourth episode of Doctor Who Series 12, “Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror” as the aforementioned Mr. Tesla and one Thomas Edison battle space scorpions, patent law and the Time Fam in New York City. But a far greater horror for Warren exists in the form of STATS! and we have so, so many of those cursed viewing figure numbers to discuss. Plus, we officially announce our upcoming Gallifrey One live show Radio Free Skaro: These Go To Eleven, featuring an impressive array of guests that will no doubt electrify you! Er, in a good way.


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Radio Free Skaro #723 – Marb Station

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It’s an abrupt left turn for Doctor Who and the Time Fam as they wander through the pristine and apocalyptic settings of “Orphan 55”, the third new episode of our favourite show and our first not to involve spies, laser shoes or smashed up Gallifrey globes. What did the Three Who Rule think of this dusty romp with an ecological message? Plus more Gallifrey One guests, some details about our upcoming Gallifrey One live show, and an epic deep dive into more viewing figures in our Stats section!


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Radio Free Skaro #722 – Humanity is Over (If You Want It)

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The Master is back for the second week in a row in “Spyfall – Part Two” as Series 12 of Doctor Who continues! A romp across the centuries ends with a big surprise but more importantly, what were the thoughts of the Three Who Rule with the first proper story of Series 12 and Chris Chibnall’s first two-parter? More to the point, where is all this continuity leading us as we dive into the rest of this series? Plus we have the return of Warren’s favourite segment – Stats!


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Q&A With Sacha Dhawan

Courtesy the BBC, here’s a Q&A with Sacha Dhawan (The Master):

Did you know what the role was for when you auditioned, did you know how big of a role it was?
I didn’t audition which was amazing as I’ve never been offered a part. I’d worked with Matt Strevens on Adventure in Space and Time and he’s a great friend of mine. He had asked me to play another character in the last series of Doctor Who but I was away filming. I think in hindsight it’s the best thing that could have happened because I wouldn’t have been able to play this iconic character.

How’s it been keeping the secret?
It’s actually really difficult and I think the more you’re told not to say something, the more you want to! It’s an amazing feeling, especially being the first British Indian actor to portray the role. I’m really proud and excited for people to see it.

Have you worked with any of the other cast before?
I’ve worked with Jodie – we did an ITV drama a long time ago. I was worried she might not recognise me so it was a real joy when she did. It totally put me at ease.

What was it like working with the cast and crew?
It was amazing. And I had already worked with some of the crew on Sherlock. I love coming to Cardiff to film, because of the crew; they are incredibly generous. The character can be quite unpredictable at times, and I found the crew immensely supportive and collaborative.

The cast couldn’t be more welcoming, particularly Jodie, who has the responsibility of setting the tone on set. And it’s a huge responsibility in my opinion, especially with the amount she has to do each day. She’s a special Doctor for me, not just because I’m fortunate enough to work with her, but because she’s a true company leader, with such love and care for everyone on set. It’s something the audience don’t get to see, and it’s pretty incredible. I’ve learnt a lot from her.

How did you react when you heard it was the Master and how did you prepare?
The first feeling I had was pure terror to be honest, and I thought: ‘there’s no way I can do this!!’ Then I eventually calmed down.

My first port of call was to extract the bare bones of the character because there is so much information out there. I was keen to approach the part like I would with any other character, which in a way, gave me confidence to make the character my own. Yes the character is playful, unpredictable, dangerous, but I was keen to explore where that ‘persona’ originates from. That’s when I really became excited by the possibilities in terms of where I could take the character, because I started to uncover a much more darker, more melancholic side to The Master, which I felt hadn’t been explored before.

I actually sent Matt and Chris an audition tape prior to my first day on set and said “be honest”. They both seemed really excited by the tape, but at the same time, they gave me some interesting thoughts to think about and play around with.

It really opened up an interesting and exciting dialogue between Chris and I, which continued throughout the whole process. I felt I could call him at any time to share ideas, which only made the character stronger. It’s rare for an actor be able to do that; it felt very collaborative.

How do you feel knowing this is such an iconic character, and people are always going to now know you as the Master?
There was a time when actors like myself, wouldn’t even be considered for a role of this nature. Doctor Who has always been a landmark show, but I feel it’s becoming an even more landmark show due the stories that are being written, and the actors being cast to represent them. Yes, I’m a nemesis alien time lord, but that’s only the surface. For me, the role becomes ‘iconic’ because if you look beyond that you’ll see that there’s a much deeper story that’s going on. Once I realised that, I couldn’t feel more proud to be incarnating the character.

Radio Free Skaro #721 – Where Worlds Collide and Days are Dark

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The dawn of a new decade means only one thing: NEW DOCTOR WHO! Doc and the Time Fam are back and battling enemies old and new in “Spyfall – Part One”, a globetrotting bit of intrigue involving glowing aliens, Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry, and more! What will happen next!?!? Well, we’ll give you some updates on tat, new actors for series 12, a Gallifrey One update, a celebration of Terrance Dicks and the return of Stats! You have been warned.


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Radio Free Skaro – 2019 Advent Calendar, Day 24

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This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 24.

Radio Free Skaro – 2019 Advent Calendar, Day 23

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This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 23.